Hopes for the New Year

My first question of 2018 to my Google Home was “How many seconds are there is 55 years?”. It turns out I am 28,908,000 minutes old. Who knew? The inevitable advancement of time seems to give you an ever greater sense of urgency as you get older. There are still too many things on my bucket list and every day there is less and less time. I need to get on!

Consequently, part of my resolution for 2018 (to add to the usual stuff of eating less chocolate, exercise, lose weight, be kinder, listen and laugh more) is to make sure I am known for those things that I think are important. Yes, I still need to accomplish the mundane but I don’t want to be remembered for those things, however important they might be.

I suppose I should share with you those things I think are important. The challenge is to list them without leaving you feeling I omitted some crucial list items and without you feeling I simply listed as many things as I can think of. The truth is there are lots of things that are important but here is my focus for the year.

  • Ensure the conversation I have with schools and colleges are thoughtful and learning focused.
  • Read and research to ensure the advice I give is current, considered and apposite.
  • Follow through. Don’t leave questions unanswered wherever possible. All questions are asked from a genuine need and need to be treated with equal importance
  • Take all opportunities as possible to talk to educationalists about the importance of cloud-based technologies in a modern learning environment.
  • Seek out the source of answers. Don’t feel I need to know everything but actively rely on my colleagues and friends to achieve my aims.
  • communicate enthusiastically.

That is enough for now. Too many targets and they become unmanageable. I will review my progress mid-year and end of the year. If, during this year, you and  I meet and you think I have met any of these targets, post a comment and let me know.